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The First AI To Intelligently Draft Entire Articles from a Single Word 

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Enter a subject

Enter a question, keyword, or topic to generate a list of ideas

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Select an outline

NowDraft AI will generate an outline you can continue with or regenerate

Get results

Within seconds regenerate or copy your full blog post into your favorite CMS, newsletter, or wherever!

What will you create?

Generate original SEO content 

Get plagiarism-free original content for almost anything.

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Grow followers with influencer scripts

Generate fresh ideas to get your followers wanting more.

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Long form from a keyword or SERPs

Unleash the power of NowDraft with a keyword or SERP

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Craft words around your social media images

Post frequently? Generate more social media content, fast.

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Generate content from Amazon and Shopify

Search products and write scripts in seconds

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Produce more content at 10X speeds

Stop spending so much time thinking, start doing!

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Generate ideas based on keywords

Draft intelligent content scripts that convert with just a word. 

NowDraft AI generates SEO friendly, highly intelligent titles for your blog. 

Give your content direction

NowDraft gives you freedom to select from a list of outlines and direct how the content should be written. 

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"NowDraft is one of the best AI Copywriters in the market! As a wedding and portrait photographer, it is an incredible tool for our studio to create unique content in seconds!"


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Photography Studio

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Cora Boone

Fitness Blogger

"NowDraft is one of the best AI Copywriters in the market! It is a MUST for any business owner at this time!


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Web Developer

“You made it so simple. My new site is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site. I just choose the page, make the change and click save.


Ronald Braver

Digital Marketer

“Simply the best. Better than all the rest. I’d recommend this product to beginners and advanced users.”


Stephen Weaver

Affiliate Marketer

Must have book for students, who want to be Product Designer, UX Designer, or Interaction Designer.


John Martin

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